And Mugabe woke with a hoof on his throat …

And Mugabe awoke with a hoof on his throat and he struggled and howled to be free,
And tripped on the racks of his English shoes and clawed at his English suits,
And crashed down the unlit corridors where his wife has collected her loot,
Screaming “You may not condemn me – there are by-laws and statutes and fines”


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Zimbabwean Vice President in court sued by Evicted White Farmer

The Vice President of Zimbabwe, Joyce Mujuru, and her husband Solomon Mujuru (ex head of the Zimbabwean Armed forces and reputed “King Maker”) are due in Court on Wednesday (14th March) in the Zimbabwean capital, Harare, where illegally evicted farmer Guy Watson-Smith sues for a default judgement against Zimbabwe’s “second family” for the illegal seizure of their moveable assets when they were forced to leave Alamein Farm a in 2001.

The Default judgement is being sought due to the persistent refusal of the defendants to enter a plea, or to respond to previous court orders or judgements against them.

Watson-Smith obtained a court order on 28th December 2001 against retired General Solomon Mujuru, two Cabinet Ministers and a local war veteran leader, Comrade Zhou for the return of equipment and property from his farm, from which Zhou and Mujuru had evicted him; however the court orders have never been executed due to refusal to comply, and threats.

Gill, Godlonton and Gerrans, the firm of Harare lawyers representing Guy Watson Smith, were attacked and assaulted following the original judgement.

Valuation of the moveable assets amounts to US$ 2.5 Million (This is not the land)

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Mugabe’s loyalty to corrupt cabinet allies intensifies infighting

Mugabe’s loyalty to corrupt cabinet allies intensifies infighting

By Tererai Karimakwenda
24 November 2006

Cases of corruption involving top officials within the ruling party are piling up as Robert Mugabe refuses to sanction their arrests. His loyalty to some of them, especially the retired General Solomon Mujuru, has been unquestionable to date. And whatever hold they have over him is strong because his continued protection in the midst of mounting evidence is beginning to tear ZANU-PF to pieces.

Mugabe imprisoned two ministers and several bankers in what seemed to be a blitz after he established an anti-corruption commission last year. But critics and opposition officials dismissed the arrests calling them small fish. They have since maintained that Mugabe is protecting the real culprits, among them his closest allies.

Solomon Mujuru is husband to Vice-President Joyce Mujuru. It is widely believed he made her appointment happen, due to his influence over Mugabe, which dates back to the liberation struggle. But as the battle for who will take over after Mugabe heats up Mujuru’s enemies are pressuring Mugabe to give the order to arrest Mujuru.

According to an extensive report in the Mail & Guardian this week Mujuru’s involvement in illegal forex dealings nets him an estimated Z$40 billion a day! The report says police insiders have dubbed him the “Godfather” of murky foreign currency dealings in Harare. It also says Mujuru has been investigated by the police for flouting exchange control regulations and running illegal shelf companies. Z$40 billion a day is a lot of money. And any government claiming to be fighting corruption would have arrested Mujuru already. But the general is not only free. He continues to add more billions to his stash.

Max Mkandla from Zimbabwe Liberators Voice said Mujuru helped Mugabe to gain influence with the fighters during the liberation war so they have a bond. He said: “The real truth is Mujuru is the most corrupt, uneducated person who has failed to make any meaningful ministerial post in ZANU-PF just because of illiteracy.” Mkandla said Mujuru, who was known as Rex Nhongo during the war, influenced those in the high command of the military forces to accept Mugabe. He believes since then they protect each other and are aware of each other’s dealings. He said Mujuru is actually protecting the first family and the first family is protecting him.

According to the M & G report, police insiders have said no top chef in the Cabinet or ZANU-PF’s politburo can be arrested or prosecuted without a directive from Mugabe. The police and Attorney General are said to adhere to this, but the impunity enjoyed by some is raising eyebrows as the race for Mugabe’s position when he retires intensifies.

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Forex scam haunts Mugabe

President Robert Mugabe’s fight against corruption is closing in on his closest confidants. The 82-year-old leader is in a quandary and is unwilling to pass a routine political directive for the arrest and prosecution of Zanu-PF officials allegedly involved in illegal foreign currency dealings.

Police insiders have said that no arrest or prosecution of a Cabinet minister or member of Zanu-PF’s Politburo takes place without Mugabe’s sanction. It is a political formality that the police and Attorney General adhere to, but Mugabe’s selective approach has irked some of his colleagues in Cabinet.

The police’s criminal investigations department investigated Mugabe’s close ally, retired General Solomon Mujuru, husband of Vice-President Joice Mujuru,


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Zimbabwe [column]: An Open Letter to Zanu PF Old Guard

Financial Gazette (Harare)

March 15, 2006
Posted to the web March 16, 2006

THIS is an open letter to the living old guard of the ruling ZANU PF that saw Zimbabwe through the battles of the Second Chimurenga.

They are, among others of course, President Robert Mugabe, Vice-Presidents Joseph Msika and Joice Mujuru, national chairman John Nkomo, secretary of information, Nathan Shamuyarira and Ministers Emmerson Mnangagwa and Didymus Mutasa. It is very easy to condemn and there is much that is condemnable in what you have done but from time to time we have to be constructive. And this is the spirit in which this open letter is being written to you.

For I believe very strongly that journalism’s ultimate justification is not to solve problems but to look truth in the eye, even if it hurts. “You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free” John 8:32. Someone once said that free speech is not free if it is only to say nice things to people. I agree with this statement wholeheartedly. The key point to be made in this regard is that if people disagree with you, they are just being different. They are not your enemies.


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author/source:Mail & Guardian (SA)
published:Fri 24-Feb-2006
posted on this site:Fri 24-Feb-2006
Article Type : News

The party has not held its weekly politburo meeting since the beginning of the year because it cannot afford to fix the lift in its 14-storey Harare headquarters
Godwin Gandu

It is official – Zanu PF’s financial crisis does not go right to the top. The party has not held its weekly politburo meeting since the beginning of the year because it cannot afford to fix the lift in its 14-storey Harare headquarters. This week, politburo bigwigs congregated for their first meeting in weeks in the ground-floor hall normally reserved for conferences and public meetings. The party is battling to raise what sounds like the huge sum of Z$160-million (R6 154) needed for spares and maintenance. But the crisis has not deterred the party fund-raising committee from setting itself the target of raising Z$10-billion (R384 615) for Mugabe’s 82nd birthday bash, to be held at Mutare this weekend. This is many times the amount Otis elevators has quoted the party to fix its lift. “The cost could be higher because there are no spare parts locally available for the elevators. This means forking out foreign currency,” says a staff member at headquarters.

Party insiders say the faction headed by retired general Solomon Mujuru has seized the opportunity …


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“You will know them by their fruits”:

“You will know them by their fruits”:
Is Zimbabwe’s CIO involved in the MDC split?
Sokwanele Report: 10 February 2006


The bitter infighting that has been going on within the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) since the fateful meeting on October 12 last year has spawned any number of conspiracy theories. On the one side Gibson Sibanda, vice president of the MDC and Professor Welshman Ncube, secretary-general, stand accused of secretly conniving with South African President Thabo Mbeki to undermine MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai, needless to say to their own political and material advantage. On the other side Morgan Tsvangirai has been accused of colluding with ZANU PF in a plot executed by former army general Solomon Mujuru


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Mugabe fails to return from annual leave

By Staff Reporter
Last updated: 02/10/2006 19:18:14
SWELLING rumours surround President Robert Mugabe’s failure to return from his annual leave.

Mugabe takes his annual leave from December to the end of January, but as of Friday, Vice President Joice Mujuru was still acting President.

Government sources told New Friday that Mugabe’s failure to return to work was “sending diplomatic tongues wagging”.

Constitutional law expert Dr Lovemore Madhuku told SW Radio Africa last night that it appeared Mugabe was slowly scaling down, handing over work to Mujuru.


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Journalists Risk Five-Year Term for Insulting Mugabe

Journalists Risk Five-Year Term for Insulting Mugabe

February 8, 2006: Source

Joyce Mujuru has signed a law that that could send journalists to prison for up to five years if they are found to have insulted Mugabe.


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Joice Mujuru Signs Into Law Act Recommending Jail Terms For Journalists Insulting President

Joice Mujuru Signs Into Law Act Recommending Jail Terms For Journalists Insulting President

Wednesday, February 08 2006 @ 12:05 AM GMT

Acting President Joice Mujuru has signed into law, a despotic General Laws Amendment Act (GLAA), which recommends a jail term for any journalist who insults the president or communicates falsehoods. The provisions are part of the Public Order and Security Act (POSA). The GLAA amends 22 sections of POSA, as well as several other acts. Mujuru signed the law on February 3 according to a notice published in the latest “Government Gazette.”


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