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Farm Invasions and Security Report

Farm Invasions and Security Report
31 December 2001

COMMERCIAL farmer Guy Watson-Smith, 51, shareholder of Hanagwe (Pvt) Ltd, owner of Elim and Alamein Farms in Beatrice, has been granted an Interim relief order by Justice Hungwe High Court Chambers, for the immediate return of all movable property, valued at over Z$ 120 million. The respondents will jointly share legal costs of the suit.

The provisional order sought to force Ministers of Agriculture, (Joseph Made) and Local Government, (Ignatius Chombo) responsible for Zimbabwe’s chaotic land seizures, a war veteran named as “Comrade Zhou” and General Solomon Mujuru. A lawyer representing Ministers, Made and Chombo attended the hearing but raised no objection to the order.


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Family flees country as Mujuru invades farms

Daily News
Family flees country as Mujuru invades farms
12/25/01 12:36:47 PM (GMT +2)


By Lloyd Mudiwa

GUY Watson-Smith and his family on Friday fled to South Africa after their two Beatrice farms were seized by Retired General Solomon Mujuru. Watson-Smith, 51, is a director and shareholder of Hanagwe (Pvt) Ltd which owns Alamein and Elim farms about 70km south of Harare.

The farmer fled the country hours before his lawyer filed an urgent application in the High Court. Watson-Smith is the Commercial Farmers’ Union ’s provincial chairman for Mashonaland East. “We were worried about our safety knowing Mujuru would be named in court papers which are in the public
domain,” he said from Pretoria, where he is staying with relatives. “We will stay in South Africa for as long as this takes.” Mujuru, 54, is a former commander of the army. This is the first case brought before the courts by a commercial farmer against a member of President Mugabe’s inner circle as a
result of seizure of land and assets.


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Evicted farmer sues for return of £2m assets

Evicted farmer sues for return of £2m assets
By Peta Thornycroft in Harare
(Filed: 24/12/2001)


ONE of President Robert Mugabe’s closest allies has evicted a white farmer from his land and seized assets estimated to be worth £2 million, according to court papers filed in Zimbabwe.

The farmer, Guy Watson-Smith, is launching the first legal action against any member of Mr Mugabe’s inner circle allegedly implicated in the illegal seizure of land and assets. Fearing for his safety, Mr Watson-Smith, 51, has fled to South Africa.

The target of his action is Gen Solomon Mujuru, also known as Rex Nhongo, the leader of Mr Mugabe’s Zanla guerrilla forces during the independence war. In post-independence Zimbabwe he went on to become army chief before leaving government service in 1995.


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