Zimbabwes Biggest Daily Online Newspaper – Acting President Admits Rot In Zanu PF Zimbabwe Daily News

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Acting President Joice Mujuru has admitted for the first time that corruption is deeply entrenched in her Zanu PF party, blasting her colleagues in government for propping up their lifestyles with stinking riches while the majority Zimbabweans are battling to eke out a living. Mujuru, who is currently holding fort at Munhumutapa Building while President Mugabe is on leave, blasted her Zanu PF colleagues for being driven by corruption, greed and individualism in pursuit of self-centred business.

Joyce Mujuru, 49, a ruthless supporter of the government’s purge of white farmers, has been the unexpected beneficiary of a Zanu-PF reshuffle dubbed “the night of the long knives” by the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation. Mujuru has the added advantage of a powerful husband — Solomon Mujuru, the former head of the army. The Mujurus live on a 3,500-acre requisitioned farm, Alamein, 45 miles south of Harare, which has been found by the Supreme Court in Zimbabwe to have been illegally requisitioned from the farm owner.

Times Article: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,2089-1388612,00.html

Mujuru, along with his Wife, Joyce Mujuru and numerous other Zanu PF party members are the subjects of US personal sanctions, imposed against them by the US government


“To give an example how does your neighbour feel when you’re living in a plush $3 trillion dollar house where you slaughter pigs and chicken everyday,” Mujuru said in an exclusive television interview with Supa Mandiwanzira on his talk show, Talking Business. “How will they take the smell coming out from your house everyday. They’ll eventually invade your house,” she said in apparent reference to Zanu PF mandarins wallowing in astonishing prosperity while the rest of the country is begging for alms.

Mujuru’s statement is a tacit admission by government of the rot and greed that has characterized the way in which it has run the economy. Rampant corruption and maladministration of the economy has seen Zimbabwe becoming one of the worst performing economies in the world with inflation flying at 585,5%, unviable interest rates and an increasingly ostracized investment environment. According to The Global Competitiveness Report 2005-2006, drawn by the World Economic Forum (WEF) to ascertain competitive world economies, Zimbabwe is ranked last at number 117 for “the quality of its macro-economic environment.”

The report states: “Zimbabwe is a particular bad case, whose quick descent to the bottom of the world’s competitiveness rankings reflects the continued deterioration of institutional climate, including the disappearance of property rights, the corruption of the rule of law, and the implications those and other factors have had for macroeconomic management.”

The report provides a comprehensive summary of a country ’s overall position in the index rankings as well as guide to what are considered to be the most prominent competitive advantages and competitive disadvantages of each country. Ever since government launched it’s anti-corruption blitz two years ago a few government officials have been brought to account with former Finance minister, Christopher Kuruneri who spent almost a year in jail, being the most prominent figure.

A host of bankers and businessmen have also skipped the country amid flimsy charges of foreign currency externalization against them by the state. Banker and founder of Barbican bank, Muthuli Ncube and business magnate Mutumwa Mawere are among a long list of entrepreneurs who have fled the country for fear of retribution and government prosecution.

Zimbabwes Biggest Daily Online Newspaper – Acting President Admits Rot In Zanu PF Zimbabwe Daily News

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