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Zimbabwean Vice President in court sued by Evicted White Farmer

The Vice President of Zimbabwe, Joyce Mujuru, and her husband Solomon Mujuru (ex head of the Zimbabwean Armed forces and reputed “King Maker”) are due in Court on Wednesday (14th March) in the Zimbabwean capital, Harare, where illegally evicted farmer Guy Watson-Smith sues for a default judgement against Zimbabwe’s “second family” for the illegal seizure of their moveable assets when they were forced to leave Alamein Farm a in 2001.

The Default judgement is being sought due to the persistent refusal of the defendants to enter a plea, or to respond to previous court orders or judgements against them.

Watson-Smith obtained a court order on 28th December 2001 against retired General Solomon Mujuru, two Cabinet Ministers and a local war veteran leader, Comrade Zhou for the return of equipment and property from his farm, from which Zhou and Mujuru had evicted him; however the court orders have never been executed due to refusal to comply, and threats.

Gill, Godlonton and Gerrans, the firm of Harare lawyers representing Guy Watson Smith, were attacked and assaulted following the original judgement.

Valuation of the moveable assets amounts to US$ 2.5 Million (This is not the land)

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