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Zimbabwe [column]: An Open Letter to Zanu PF Old Guard

Financial Gazette (Harare)

March 15, 2006
Posted to the web March 16, 2006

THIS is an open letter to the living old guard of the ruling ZANU PF that saw Zimbabwe through the battles of the Second Chimurenga.

They are, among others of course, President Robert Mugabe, Vice-Presidents Joseph Msika and Joice Mujuru, national chairman John Nkomo, secretary of information, Nathan Shamuyarira and Ministers Emmerson Mnangagwa and Didymus Mutasa. It is very easy to condemn and there is much that is condemnable in what you have done but from time to time we have to be constructive. And this is the spirit in which this open letter is being written to you.

For I believe very strongly that journalism’s ultimate justification is not to solve problems but to look truth in the eye, even if it hurts. “You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free” John 8:32. Someone once said that free speech is not free if it is only to say nice things to people. I agree with this statement wholeheartedly. The key point to be made in this regard is that if people disagree with you, they are just being different. They are not your enemies.


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Joice Mujuru Signs Into Law Act Recommending Jail Terms For Journalists Insulting President

Joice Mujuru Signs Into Law Act Recommending Jail Terms For Journalists Insulting President

Wednesday, February 08 2006 @ 12:05 AM GMT

Acting President Joice Mujuru has signed into law, a despotic General Laws Amendment Act (GLAA), which recommends a jail term for any journalist who insults the president or communicates falsehoods. The provisions are part of the Public Order and Security Act (POSA). The GLAA amends 22 sections of POSA, as well as several other acts. Mujuru signed the law on February 3 according to a notice published in the latest “Government Gazette.”


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Succession Speculation Swirls as Zimbabwe’s Mugabe Approaches 82

By Chinedu Offor
20 January 2006

Reports that President Robert Mugabe visited a Johannesburg hospital, his upcoming 82nd birthday and recent comments from Vice President Joyce Mujuru have nurtured speculation as to who will succeed Zimbabwe’s sole leader since independence.


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Zanu PF faction moves to ring-fence Mugabe in succession war – From Zim Online (SA), 5 January

Harare – President Robert Mugabe will have a new spokesman and security staff appointed by his ruling Zanu PF party in what insiders was an attempt by a faction of the party controlled by powerful former army general Solomon Mujuru to consolidate influence on the ageing President…


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Mugabe’s secret strategy

From The Mail & Guardian (SA), 2 December

Mugabe’s secret strategy

Harare – President Robert Mugabe’s succession plans are beginning to take shape with the installation of loyalists at the helm of the controversial Senate. The Senate elections were held last week. The swearing in, as president of the new upper chamber, of Edna Madzongwe, a close ally of Joyce Mujuru, is part of Mugabe’s scheme to ensure his preferred candidate assumes the presidency when he vacates the post. Another yes-man from the Matabeleland province, Naison Ndlovu, was appointed Madzongwe’s deputy. The 81-year-old leader has indicated that he wants to retire and write his memoirs when his current term of office expires in 2008. Sources in the ruling Zanu PF party’s information department told the Mail & Guardian they intend to “move with speed to craft new [constitutional] amendments that will allow the Senate and Parliament to elect Vice-President Mujuru” to the country’s top job.


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Joyce and Solomon Mujuru BOTH on US/ International Sanctions List

author/source:US Department of the Treasury
published:Wed 23-Nov-2005

Executive Order – Blocking Property of Additional Persons Undermining Democratic Processes or Institutions in Zimbabwe

What You Need To Know About U.S. Sanctions

INTRODUCTION – On March 7, 2003, as a result of actions and policies by certain members of the government of Zimbabwe, and its supporters to undermine democratic institutions and processes in Zimbabwe, President Bush issued Executive Order 13288 imposing sanctions against specifically identified individuals and entities in Zimbabwe. On November 23, 2005, the President issued a new Executive Order superseding E.O. 13288. The new Executive Order expands the list of sanctions targets to include immediate family members of any designated individual of the Zimbabwe sanctions, as well as those persons providing assistance to any sanctions target. Providing statutory authority for these sanctions is the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (“IEEPA”), the National Emergencies Act and sections 301 of title 3 of the United States Code.

This fact sheet provides general information about the Zimbabwe sanctions program imposed by the new Executive Order and administered by the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”).


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A Bulletin from the Office of Foreign Assets Control, November 23, 2005.

A Bulletin from the Office of Foreign Assets Control, November 23, 2005.

A new Executive Order, BLOCKING PROPERTY OF ADDITIONAL PERSONS UNDERMINING DEMOCRATIC PROCESSES OR INSTITUTIONS IN ZIMBABWE, has been issued recertifying some of the Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) previously designated under the Zimbabwe program. All of these recertified names will appear as changes in OFAC’s SDN Changes files. However, not all of these recertified names have actually changed.


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