VOA News – Zimbabwean VP Joyce Mujuru Reveals Independent Streak

By Chinedu Offor
18 January 2006

Zimbabwean Vice President Joyce Mujuru appeared to be staking out some new and surprisingly independent positions in a televised interview Tuesday, declaring among other things that she will “not stand on a shaky stool and reach for the presidency” though she is thought to be President Robert Mugabe’s handpicked successor.



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SW Radio Africa News Story -Crisis Group analyst tells MDC to reconcile or bust

By Lance Guma
12 January 2006

An analyst with the International Crisis Group (ICG) has told feuding factions within the opposition MDC that they need to reconcile their differences or sink into oblivion.


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Zimbabwes Biggest Daily Online Newspaper – Acting President Admits Rot In Zanu PF Zimbabwe Daily News

Acting President Joice Mujuru has admitted for the first time that corruption is deeply entrenched in her Zanu PF party, blasting her colleagues in government for propping up their lifestyles with stinking riches while the majority Zimbabweans are battling to eke out a living. Mujuru, who is currently holding fort at Munhumutapa Building while President Mugabe is on leave, blasted her Zanu PF colleagues for being driven by corruption, greed and individualism in pursuit of self-centred business.

Joyce Mujuru, 49, a ruthless supporter of the government’s purge of white farmers, has been the unexpected beneficiary of a Zanu-PF reshuffle dubbed “the night of the long knives” by the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation. Mujuru has the added advantage of a powerful husband — Solomon Mujuru, the former head of the army. The Mujurus live on a 3,500-acre requisitioned farm, Alamein, 45 miles south of Harare, which has been found by the Supreme Court in Zimbabwe to have been illegally requisitioned from the farm owner.

Times Article: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,2089-1388612,00.html

Mujuru, along with his Wife, Joyce Mujuru and numerous other Zanu PF party members are the subjects of US personal sanctions, imposed against them by the US government



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Zimbabwes Biggest Daily Online Newspaper – Mugabe Revises Retirement Plans As Joice Mujuru Fails To Garner Support Zimbabwe Daily News

Joyce MujuruPresident Robert Mugabe will run for another presidential term if his favoured successor, Vice President Joice Mujuru, fails to garner unanimous support within the ruling Zanu PF , authoritative official sources said this week.


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Zanu PF faction moves to ring-fence Mugabe in succession war – From Zim Online (SA), 5 January

Harare – President Robert Mugabe will have a new spokesman and security staff appointed by his ruling Zanu PF party in what insiders was an attempt by a faction of the party controlled by powerful former army general Solomon Mujuru to consolidate influence on the ageing President…


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Mugabe’s secret strategy

From The Mail & Guardian (SA), 2 December

Mugabe’s secret strategy

Harare – President Robert Mugabe’s succession plans are beginning to take shape with the installation of loyalists at the helm of the controversial Senate. The Senate elections were held last week. The swearing in, as president of the new upper chamber, of Edna Madzongwe, a close ally of Joyce Mujuru, is part of Mugabe’s scheme to ensure his preferred candidate assumes the presidency when he vacates the post. Another yes-man from the Matabeleland province, Naison Ndlovu, was appointed Madzongwe’s deputy. The 81-year-old leader has indicated that he wants to retire and write his memoirs when his current term of office expires in 2008. Sources in the ruling Zanu PF party’s information department told the Mail & Guardian they intend to “move with speed to craft new [constitutional] amendments that will allow the Senate and Parliament to elect Vice-President Mujuru” to the country’s top job.


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The rise to power …

Beyond Tsholotsho and Chiyangwa


WHILE the media have diligently covered the story of Zimbabwe’s Information Minister, Jonathan Moyo’s dwindling political fortunes following the ill-fated Tsholotsho meeting, the tone and line of reporting have generally tended to weigh down or ignore the real crux of the matter.

A much deeper analysis tracking the advent of “Tsholotsho” down to President Mugabe’s quarrelsome brand of politics and to his corrosive hold on the Zimbabwean body politic is evidently lacking, consequently handing the Zimbabwean ruler Mugabe unintended kudos in the process.


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