Solomon Mujuru

Key Stories:

Family Flees Country as Mujuru invades Farms … Zimbabwe DEC 2001
Farm Invasions and Security Report Secuity Report, CFU DEC 2001
Evicted Farmer sues for return of £2M Assets UK Telegraph
Solomon Mujuru, also known as Rex Nhongo, the leader of Mr. Mugabe’s guerrilla forces during the independence war. In post-independence Zimbabwe, he went on to become army chief before leaving government service in 1995.

General Mujuru went into business after leaving the government and owns a clutch of commercial farms, but remains in Mr. Mugabe’s inner circle as a member of the ruling ZANU-PF politburo and central committee.

He is also one of the most feared men in the country. His wife, Joyce, is Water Affairs Minister in the Zimbabwe Cabinet.

Solomon Mujuru, a kingmaker in the ZANU PF party, is currently the subject of the first legal action against any member of Mr Mugabe’s inner circle implicated in the illegal seizure of land and assets, his seizure of Alamein Farm having been ruled illegal by the Zimbabwean Supreme court.

Mujuru, along with his Wife, Joyce Mujuru and numerous other Zanu PF party members are the subjects of US personal sanctions, imposed against them by the US government

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